Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Goals

Well, I still haven't resolved my issues with uploading pics to this machine, so I have nothing to show you. But, I read Dove Knits blog about Summer goals, which linked to a contest about Summer goals on skeinsherway and I thought "why not?". Maybe listing them will actually make them come true?

As I am omni-crafty, I have goals in many areas. But I decided to list here, separately, just my goals for knitting and crochet. So here goes...

Knitting Goals:

1. Finish the Princess to be able to gift it for DD's 2nd b-day. (Her brother's turtle is already done and waiting.)

2. Finish the Monkey to be able to gift for oldest DS. (Maybe for birthday and maybe before that just because it's finished! :D)

3. Finish 1st knitted sweater! Just waiting to be able to meet up with some other more experienced knitters to be sure I haven't bound-off too tightly on one shoulder as I don't want there to be issues later that are too difficult to fix.

4. Knit first socks! :D

5. Cheat a little and use my new knitting machine to help speed up the process of some projects that are all stockinette stitch! Sorry, I know some of you find it relaxing or whatever, and I'm all for a mindless project now and then, but not this I'm going to cheat! :D This will help me with making an Alien Tooth Fairy Pillow for oldest DS and napsacks for the twins (both from New Knits on the Block). Oops! I haven't told you about my new toy yet cause I haven't been able to post photos. Don't worry, I'll work extra hard this week to resolve those issues so I can tell you all about it next time. :D

6. Find someplace to get poly pellets that doesn't require buying 6 lbs! so I can finish up some toys for the kiddos (like the bowling set from New Knits on the Block).

If I get all that done before the end of August, I will be soooo happy! If I finish earlier, I'm gonna finally get around to the lace projects for me. I have the yarn already, it's just a matter of finding the time. :D

Crochet Goals:

1. Finish secret gifts for special day for someone very near! (sorry can't say more since they may read this.)

2. Finish my Experimental Baroque from the Happy Hooker. :D

3. Finish the Legion of Queens challenge for the Ravelry Silly Strings group. (This was the challenge from May...oops!)

4. Get crackin' on the Teddy Bear Picnic Scene for the Ravelry Miniature Crochet group's challenge due end of August.

5. Get started on the Hourglass Jacket from StitchDiva for me! Again, got the pattern and the yarn...just need the time!

6. Figure out how to make the dress for DD that I sketched out a couple of months ago.

7. Make more blue squares for the eventual afghan.

8. Work on some other design ideas. :D

And for both lists....start working on Christmas presents!!!!!!!!!

I think that will keep me busy in what spare time I have between running 3 kids around for summer activities. :D

Happy Crafting!

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