Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Resolutions Update

I know, I's been another month I've been away. But I had a reallllllly good reason! In fact, I took most of July off from the computer...or the internet at least. Between injuries, bad reactions to meds, work, kids and regular stuff, it was a super busy month. And yes, that's right, I said work! I was busy working hard on creating a new pattern that will be released later this year. I'll tell you more about it later, but for now, I'll update those resolutions. :D

My original fiber resolutions for this year were:
  • getting my WIPs under some sort of control
  • make a least one sweater/cardigan thingy for Me ME MEEEE!!!! And crochet/knit for me more in general
  • learn knitted fair isle/stranding or at least attempt learning it.
  • start Christmas gifts now
  • spin more
  • write and offer at least 3 new patterns
So where am I on this list? Let's see...

Thanks to Cast On Mania, I'm afraid there is no hope for getting my WIPs under control...unless I have a HUGE FrogFest! Which may actually happen. There are several projects I've reevaluated. It seems like there has to be something wrong if it's taking so long to complete it right? Some of them, I love the yarn and the project, just not together. And others, I've just completely lost interest in all together. But I'm trying to repurpose the yarn before I completely give up on it. Somehow it seems like I can justify the yarn purchase still if I find a use for it before frogging it's original purpose.

I have at least started more projects for myself this year. Doubtful how many will see completion though. And I do have a Hey, Teach! cardigan about half way done. Hmmm...guess I should get updated photos of that one. Maybe that will help motivate me to finish it.

Knitted fair isle...well, I had a reason I wanted to learn this, but I've run out of time this year for that, so I think it would be safe to put this one off till next year. I have so much other stuff going on now and school is about to start back up, so I'll save this one. But I did learn at least one new knitting technique this year...lace! So that sort of counts...right? :D

I did start Christmas gifts in February this year. Or at least, I started one. It's still a long way from being done though. So much for good intentions! Now, I'll have to kick it into high gear to finish it in time and I still have several more gifts to get started on...anyone know a good tutorial for Turkish cast-on?

I haven't actually spun anything yet this year, but I hope to remedy that soon! After seeing all the amazing yarn created during the Tour de Fleece, I've been inspired! I've ordered a beautiful new spindle for myself from Butterfly Girl Designs and I cannot wait for it to get here! I've drooled over this spindle for nearly a year, but it's always sold very quickly. I was absolutely elated to catch one the very day she put it up! Can you hear me squeeing with delight?

And that leads me to the patterns. I've already self-published one pattern this year. And I've just completed the second, which has gone to the publisher and will be released later this year. And there are at least 2 more I plan to self-publish this year. And boy did the ideas start flowing as I was working on this latest piece! I may actually have enough ideas for a book now! Though, for the moment at least, I think I'll stick to one at a time. LOL But safe to say I should meet this goal this year.

All in all, I'd say I'm not doing too bad! Does that mean I set the bar too low? ;-)

Happy Crafting! :D