Saturday, June 27, 2009


Since I can't show you what I'm working on now, and I'm really trying to be better about posting, I thought I'd just share some loveliness and try to spread the temptation that is Malabrigo!!!!! ;-)

My first ever Malabrigo experience lead to the purchase of this gorgeous skein of Mal Lace in Buscando Azul...

Then, as part of our Village Hopelessly Overcommitted MYB Swap, I received this beautiful skein of Mal Worsted in Sapphire Green...

And my newest lovely aquistions are Mal Lace in Stonechat...

and Mal Sock in Impressionist Sky...

Tempted yet? :D

It is every bit as soft as the stories you've heard! And I haven't even worked with it yet...I just keep petting them! LOL

I don't know what these will become...except the Mal Worsted is destined to become a Faberge Neckwarmer (Rav link). And I'm thinking something non-sock for the others, cause they are just so gorgeous, I want to show them off as much as possible. Got any ideas?????

Happy Crafting! :D

Sunday, June 21, 2009

More FOs!!!! :D

Can you believe it? I have even more FOs to show you! :D

Here's one I thought I had shared with you before, but apparently didn't. It's the baby afghan for my DD, Thing 1. I started it while pregnant with the twins, but just got around to finishing it in March. Sad, I know. And I haven't even started one for her brother yet!

The pattern is Fenced-In Daisy by Mary Lamb Becker and comes from the Leisure Arts Book #2853, Our Best Baby Afghans. I had seen this pattern years before and loved it. I just had to wait till I had a girl...and fortunately I did! :D

I also finally got a photo of that Scouting for Food Bag:

I'ts not a great photo, but at least it's something to show. ;-) The pattern is The Green Shopping Bag from RecylceCindy and is made of plarn that was recylced from leftoever Scouting for Food bags (hence the name). And there are LOTS of other great recyling projects on her website too...even a baseball cap made from plarn!

And then I had a quick project this past week. My oldest went to Cub Camp and I got to work staff one day too. I got to teach the boys how to make a foam water bottle holder, but of course, I had to show off crochet I made a crocheted water bottle holder for myself. It got a lot of compliments and was verrrrrry useful! :D

The pattern is Girls Water Bottle Holder by Chelle Grissam (rav link). I used all but about 11 yards of one skein of Lily's Sugar'n Cream Stripes in Country Stripes. I made a few changes too. I made the strap slightly longer, since I'm a woman, not a "girl". It does stretch a bit with a bottle in it and perhaps I should have made it not quite as long, but it still needed to be longer than the pattern stated. Also, instead of finishing off the strap and sewing it on, I continued and attached the strap with a chain stitch through the back loop and just continued on with the crab stitch edging through the front loops. This way it was all one piece and I only had one end to weave in. :D

I also started another new design that I was hoping to finish for Cub Camp. But the kids weren't cooperating with letting me work on it, so I didn't finish it. And this way it gives me more time to play and tweak the design. Maybe I'll even try submitting it for a Spring or Summer edition somewhere. Hmm... ;-)

That's probably the last of the FO's I'll have to show you for a little while. I'm going to be super busy the next month working on a project that I'll get to tell you more about later. But knowing me, that probably won't stop me from starting at least a project or two. LOL

Happy Crafting! :D

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

FO's for fogiveness?

Will you forgive me for not blogging like I should be if I give you some FO's? :D I've completely lost track of my yardage and mileage, but my FO's are up to 16 now! I'll work on trying to recalculate the my spare time. LOL

Anyway, I'll start with the most recent FO. I just finished it last night!

It's a mini North Roe Shawl (Rav link) that I did as part of Village Hopelessly Overcommitted's ongoing Lace Shawlette Study. We're learning lace without the committment of a fullsized shawl. This one will be a present for my DD's 3rd birthday next month. It's made from less than 1 ball of J&P Coats Royale Classic Crochet Thread (Size 10) in a vareigated pink.

And I must say, I now have yet another addiction...lace! It's so amazing the difference blocking makes and it's like Christmas seeing what you get! :D This is what it looked like right off the needles...

Amazing difference, huh?

I also finished 3 elephant themed projects as gifts for my friend Lykkefanten and her son, but unfortunately, got so excited about sending them, I forgot to take pictures. LOL And I still need to take pictures of the loveliness that she sent me too! I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do with it all yet, but DD has claimed the pink yarn for herself! LOL

I also made a mini Chauncey (Rav link),

and crocheted sock bookmark
for my Magic Yarn Ball swap partner MePlz. It was only my second ever swap and I'd not heard of a MYB prior, but it was so much fun putting it together! The sock bookmark is based on the idea of some knitted sock bookmarks I saw on Ravelry. I used this pattern (Rav link), made two socks then connected them with a ch 100.

And Jen (MePlz) sent me the most amazing box too!
That beautiful green ball is my first Malabrigo Worsted!!!! :D I cannot wait to knit it up! It's going to be a lovely Faberge Neck Warmer (yep, Rav link). And the adorable Egyptian sheep card (which if you know me, is sooooo perfect!) and the beautiful painted shale are displayed behind me right now! I just love them! Thanks again Jen!!!! :D

I also finished my Dragonscale Socks from the Crochet Liberation Front First Ever know, that one I'm in. ;-) I accidentally put my own little mark on them by putting in one of the heels inside out. LOL But I still love them! :D I used almost all of 2 balls of Knit Picks Palette in Tidepool Heather.

I also finished my first project using my own handspun yarn, but I don't have an FO pic yet cause I don't have a coffee mug that fits it. So I'm looking for a new one...just for my mug cozy! LOL

And to get completely caught up, I also finished a reusable shopping bag made from plarn recycled from leftover Scouting for Food bags. But alas, I don't have pictures of it yet either.

Sounds like I need to get busy taking pictures to get everything completely updated! LOL I have other news to share soon too, but not just'll have to stay tuned for that. ;-)

Happy Crafting!