Monday, December 29, 2008

Blogiversary and Spinning Therapy

It's my blogiversary!!!! Well, officially, it was 2 days ago...I missed it...but we'll pretend that it's today. I haven't been very good about regular posts, but I will try to be better this next year.

The last 2 months especially, I've been crazy trying to get my Christmas crocheting/knitting finished. I almost made it. I would have done better had it not been for stupidity. Two days before Christmas, I slipped and fell in the kitchen, while doing something stupid trying to make the babies laugh, and I badly sprained my wrist. For a little bit, I thought I had broken it! So I have not been able to knit or crochet a stitch since then.

But I discovered I could spin, so that's what I've done the last few days. I call it spinning therapy to rehabilitate my injured wrist. It works too! My wrist feels much better...even if my fingers hurt a little from all the drafting and spinning. LOL But so worth it! Here are my 3rd through 6th attempts ever at spinning...

Not bad huh? I'm quite pleased! The one on the left (the slightly finer one) is 100% merino. It's the same fiber I used for my first 2 attempts also. I wanted it really thin so I could play with plying and still end up with a non bulky yarn. Not that I have anything against bulky, I just don't use it much and I want to make something I'll use a lot. :D Then the one on the right is Romney. First time trying it, but I like how it came out. I also have some blue romney that my oldest has claimed. He wants me to "hurry up and spin it already so you can make something for me with it!" LOL Guess that's a compliment?

Oops! Just realised I didn't post my first 2 attempts! Well here they are...

The one at the bottom of the picture was my first ever attempt. It's about DK to worsted weight. The one with the quarter is my second attempt. Got a little finer with it and a bit more consistent. Learned a lot about overtwist with these two! LOL

But yes, I'm now addicted to spinning as well and have visions of spinning up sweaters worth... OK, maybe that's still a dream at this point, but I will at least invest in another spindle...or really get this going. Maybe Yertle will get me one for our anniversary????

And I need to figure out how to ply these now too. I'm seeing lots of things about Andean and Navajo plying and it's really all Greek to me at this point. But I'll figure it out and maybe the first post next year will include the completed yarn!

Hope you all had Happy Holidays and will have a safe and Happy New Year!

Happy Crafting!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Day of the Ninja!

Today is Day of the Ninja, so I thought this would be an appropriate post.

One of my Ravelry Village Hopelessly Overcommitted friends designed this adorable scary Ninja Minion. I was lucky to get to test it for her, but of course, I had to make mine miniature. Can't remember if I posted this first little guy already or not, but here he is, my Mini Ninja Minion....

Then in November, I decided I needed to make another one for my swap partner. Since she likes blue and spends some time in the Carribbean, I made a Carribbean Camo Mini Ninja for her. I liked him so much, I had to make another one for myself.

But be warned...they are sneaky little ninjas! Particularly these little ones. You never know when or where they might show up. You can't hear them coming. And don't ever call them cute! They don't like it! *looking over shoulder for ninjas*

Happy Crafting!