Friday, August 15, 2008

Yummy Yarn and Ravelympics FO's

I just got back from vacation, which is why I haven't posted for a little while. We went to visit Grandma and I was focused on using my "alone" time for Ravelympics knitting/crocheting and of course, watching the actual Olympics. The rest of the time was spent chasing the kids around a new environment that was completely not baby-proofed...and they LOVED it! :D It was a lot of fun, but completely exhausting. And the a/c dying before we left didn't help things either. It's cool in here now and I'm ready to get back to work.

First, the day before leaving for vacation, I got a wonderful package in the mail. It contained the yarn I won from Ruth at Cinders Knits. And it is simply gorgeous!!! Thanks again Ruth!!!! :D Did I mention that I LOVE this yarn?!?!

I took the photos from both sides of the skein so you could see all the lovely colors in it. The slight touch of purple is really nice. Makes it seem like it's alive and growing (which would be awesome for it to grow more so I would have even more to love!). Now I just have to decide what to make with it. Socks? Scarf? What to do, what to do????

I was too tired from the heat and goofyness of the stupid a/c to cast on exactly on time for the Ravelympics. I was about an hour behind, but I did get started. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do much and then we left for vacation. I worked on my socks for the Sock Put and Gift Knits Pentathalon in the car there and back...and finished them! They're a little better than the first pair, but I still need to work on grafting so that I end up with those nice rounded toes instead of pointy ones. At least they're not the elf toes like on that first sock! LOL

I started an Evil Minion, for the Ami Toss, in the car on the way there, but couldn't finish as I forgot to pack the right color yarn for the eyes. And I made the Fairy Tale Finger Puppets while we were down there.

Not quite as productive a start as I had hoped, but not too bad. I have now finished 2 of my 22 real projects and 5 of the 10 fantasy ones. I am already doing better today. I did start the Hostile Bunni, for the Ami Toss and Gift Knits, late last night. I should be able to finish that one and the Evil Minion I started in the car shortly and I've got 2 WIPs, for WIPs Wrestling, blocking. So, I think it's possible to get pretty far on my list.

Due to the slow start though, I don't think I'm going to get them all finished. Not like I really thought I would finish all 22 projects in 17 days, but it was a nice dream. :D

Off to work on some more! Happy Crafting!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Won! I Won! I Won!

I've entered soooo many blog contests this year, I guess it was bound to happen. I was having a rather frustrating week. Then I logged into Ravelry and got a really great surprise. Waiting in my inbox was a message from Cinders of Cinders Knits and a subject line of You Won! I got soooo excited and was jumping up and down screaming for a while. The prize was a skein of BFL machine washable sock yarn custom dyed to your choice.

I won yarn!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! (OK, I still jump up and down everytime I think about it.) Now, the hard part was deciding what to ask for. I've never made adult sized socks or used actual sock yarn....yet. I know I rambled for awhile in my reply to her. But she helped me sort it out and it will be something similar (not exact as it's hand dyed) to this...

The second I saw this photo she sent me (and gave me permission to use here), I knew this was it! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this! So, of course, now I'm even more excited! Thank You Thank You Thank You Ruth!!!! :D You should check out her Etsy shop and she's got more great pics of yarn she's doing on her blog too.

Now I need your help! As I said, I've yet to make adult sized socks. Don't worry, I'm still planning on making the socks from the poll earlier, but they will have to wait until after the Ravelympics. Although, it's realllly hard not to cast on for those right now! Anyway, what I need is help deciding what pattern to use this realllly gorgeous yarn on. I haven't got a clue! So either leave me a comment here or find me on Ravelry and let me know what you think I should make with this.

And, OK, I did win a pattern naming contest earlier this year. Fiona Kelly had a pattern for a felted lion that needed a name, and the second I saw it, the name just came to me...Marlion. It's a cross between lion (cause it's a lion) and Bob Marley. The colors in the mane just made me think of it. I don't know why. But it seemed perfect. And Fiona liked it too! So he was named Marlion and I won a copy of the pattern. Yay! You can see or buy it here or through Ravelry. Thanks again Fiona! :D

Oh, and did I mention you should check out Cinders Knits. ;)

Happy Crafting!