Sunday, May 4, 2008

First Pattern Finished!!!!

YAY! My first officially written original pattern is finished and ready for submission! My CLF Patch ......

This is the new and improved version (and yes, a picture on the bomber jacket is coming). I made several changes to the original design. One was to not graph it on knitting graph paper! LOL The yarn ball came out more ball like this time instead of the egg shape on the previous patch. The new patch is slightly larger than the previous one, but I think it is better balanced and definitely cleaner. I'm really happy with it!

I am submitting this for the first ever Crochet Liberation Front book. I'm hoping it will make it in, that would be too awesome! I promise to let you know as soon as I hear!

I would also like to send big THANK YOU's to my testers, Gabrielle, Sandy and Krystal! Their input was fantastic! (Sorry, I don't have a blog address for Gabrielle. She may be too busy with her studies to have one right now. :D) And I really appreciate them taking time out o their busy schedules to do this for me! I've got something up my sleeves to do as a Thank You for them too! :D

Happy Crafting!

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