Sunday, January 20, 2008

Leftovers from the 80's

This weekend I decided to try to rework the office and reclaim my space! So I bought some shelving units and fabric boxes to help me organize all my craft stuff. There is actually another one of these to the right.

As I began to unpack boxes, I found my missing yarn stash. I knew I had more yarn than what I've recently bought, I just couldn't find it. And as a bonus, I found a lot of yarn I didn't remember (even buying) from the 80's! I don't know if I'll ever use some of them, but it brought back some good memories and more than a few chuckles. Right now, 7 of these lovely blue fabric boxes are filled with yarn. And I know I have enough yarn elsewhere to fill at least another 3.

I also found some projects that have been hibernating for a while (my family is notorious for not finishing projects). And I took the opportunity to take some photos of these projects and a few others. First, my Mom's afghan.
This was my very first major crochet project. It really was the reason I asked my Great Aunt to teach me to crochet. My mom had seen this pattern on the back cover of a book and fell in love with it. So I told her to pick out the colors, and I asked my Great Aunt to teach me to crochet so I could make it for her. Since I was 8 or so at the time, it took me quite a while to finish it. In fact, being so young, working on such a large project (5' x 5'), I got distracted and it sat on hold. I finally finished it for her when I was in college! But she loved it all the same and used it all the time. Now that she has passed, I have it again displayed proudly on a quilt rack that I also inherited from her. Maybe one day I'll pass it on to my daughter. And maybe one day she'll even want to learn to crochet. I just hope she won't be as bad about finishing projects as the rest of the family.

Then there is the train baby blanket. I started this one while pregnant with my first, but never was able to finish it. I had turned my attention to a different blanket for him, which I did finish and will get photos of soon. But now, I have another son and perhaps I'll finish it for him. But first I have to find the book with the pattern.

That's next on my list.....sorting all my craft books to add to my new shelves (or wherever I can fit them). I also have to add all my other crafty baubles to my shelves.
I shall have my craft room back!!!!! She laughed maniacally. :D
Happy Crafting!

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  1. What a Beautiful Blanket and I am sur your Aunt cherished it...