Sunday, April 6, 2008

Freeform CAL and other goodies

I haven't been able to post for a little while as real life happen to get in the way. But the good news is that my super busy month is OVER!!!!! I still have a lot on my plate left to do, but the really big stuff is out of the way! YAY!

I haven't yet finished my last surprise for NATCROMO (yes, I know it's over). It's mostly done...just needs assembling. As soon as I can figure out the best way to do that, I'll finish it and still dedicate it to NATCROMO, since that's what inspired it.

Speaking of NATCROMO, the month has ended and so has our freeform CAL. I think I've delayed on this one just because it was so much fun, I didn't want it to be over. But I finally finished it and here it is (pardon the lego in the background)......

Reminds me of some really colorful fish, that's been caught up in a colorful net and has some really big colorful barnacles hanging off of it! :D I'm trying to decide what to do with it now. I have a few ideas and as soon as I decide and do it, I'll post pics of the truly completed project. But this still can be taken off of my WIP list!

I've also completed a few blocks from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks book. I'm just thinking of them as individual projects right now. If I think too much about turning them into an afghan, I'll probably never finish it (or at least not for a few years!). But that is my ultimate goal with them. Possibly even turning them into the largest afghan I've done yet and make it to fit my bed. We'll see. For now, just one block at a time.

I've just started another project as well, that I'm really excited about, but can't tell you a thing about it in case the person it's intended for reads this. You'll just have to wait until after they've received it, and then I'll spill the beans.

I'm also working on improving my CLF Patch. I'm going to be writing it up and submitting for possible publication in the first ever CLF Book. It didn't win the contest for an automatic entry in the book, but I got enough of a response from it that I figured I'd submit it anyway and see. I'm also going to submit at least one story as well. So here's hoping! It would be too cool to be published! And I have soooooo many other ideas running around in my head too! Can't wait till I can actually get time to try some of them out.

And for my knitting friends, I have picked up the pointy sticks again (and apparently didn't forget how to use them!). I just have to bind off on my oldest's Noro Silk Garden scarf. It's 1x1 ribbing, so I'm debating between binding off in pattern or this Tubular Bind-off thing I ran across on Ravelry. Any thoughts? And I think I've decided not to block it. I kind of like the denser look to the unblocked ribbing and I can always block it later if I decide. Besides, I seem to have issues with not getting around to blocking! :D Anyway, I hope to have updated pictures of it next time.

So much to craft, so little time! Happy Crafting!

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