Monday, March 24, 2008

Another Secret Revealed....

"Ah!" Mario sighed. "What a beautiful sight! The refreshing sound of the water as it falls into the fountain. The cool mist that lightly sprays me as I stand next to it. I could stand here all day and enjoy the beauty of this moment. I know! I will toss coins into this fountain and make many wishes to come back here again someday."

OK, clearly, I am not a great novelist! But this was still a lot of fun. This crocheted water fountain was inspired after being named the Chair of the Water Subcommittee for our NATCROMO (National Crochet Month, in case you didn't already know) Party on Ravelry. And yes, I've been working on it for a while.....but really only off and on so it didn't actually take me a month to finish, it just seems like it! :D Even the little "coins" are crocheted!

This was really my first foray into making it up as you go crocheting! And believe it or not, this was my first time doing spirals! I've done many more since then and now know the correct way to do them. But I think I didn't do to badly on this. I had originally wanted to put some kind of statue on top, you know the kind....they either spit or pee the water into the fountain. Unfortunately, I couldn't decide what to do, or how to do it properly, and I really wanted to get this done. So after a trip to a beautiful garden this weekend, I decided on just a plain "stone" conical pipe. I think it actually suits it quite well. In fact, I'm not sure that a statue would have been better suited for it. I may have to play with that idea more and try one later anyway. I just think it would be funny! :D

Oh and to update on the last post....I did not win the CLF Book Competition. Although I do thank those of you who voted for me! :D It was enough to convince me to submit the patch to the book anyway! So we'll have to all wait and see if I will actually make it in or not.

And here are updated pictures of the Freeform CAL....

The yellow "fin" looking thing was really fun. It was made of really impractical super tall stitches. I would never have thought of trying to make stitches so tall! I got up to 15 wraps before I ran out of room on the throat of the hook and decided to stop. The only thing I would have done differently would be to space them out farther. Someone else did that and it made a really beautiful graceful flowing "fin" rather than my rather angular "shark" like fin. (That was for you Mike! :D)

Anyway....Happy Crafting!

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  1. Wow! Great job on the fountain! You have awesome crochet skills. Thanks for entering my contest. Nice to meet you!